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i have a crush on roasted chicken yes it stems from hahn and the chicken stand i don’t dare try to approximate that it was the best on earth i am trying to perfect the art of eating every piece of everything no waste so the chicken becomes soup and if you know my blog you know i love this second day roasted chicken soup the entire week for lunch i just add like a tsp of better than bullion and a little package of any mexian noodles you know the brand in the bags you can get shapes or sticks or shells i love the sticks so after this chicken has been attacked it will loose its legs arms and breasts the carcass will boil about an hour i’ll take out the icky bits and bone add the above return to heat until the noodles are cooked it goes straight into the frig and all week for lunch i get awesome soup. this week i’m adding some roasted brussles sprouts just wilted so still fresh win win yay win 

so the thing that makes stove top extra is celery and water chestnuts remember from last weeks wraps no two weeks ago hence they got skipped i hate that i saved them for this sucks hate that i really want to get my week down to exact food do you know what i mean see what it no shit takes fun right i challenge you as well i also like european shopping every day for that day for the fresh also don’t forget to man handle your meats marinating for the next few days meals the longer it stays in that the better it will be but have to eat that in the next few days i accept that challenge frank was telling me today no fair all the hot stuff dogos do not like hot even with the table cream sorry dude who knew? enjoy if your making ahead as well. and judge not lest ye be judged on my oven bitch if you used your as much it would look like that too. 


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